Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial : How to Do Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are quick to grab everyone’s attention. We love the eye makeup of our favorite celebs and models. Smokey eye looks very much sexy and attractive. Smokey eyes add a lot of drama to the overall look. No doubt you have tried smokey eye makeup by yourself at home but you are not able to get it right?

Well, celebs do not do the smokey eye makeup themselves. They have got professional eye makeup artists to do the smokey eye for them but you can do the smokey eye makeup by yourself at home. You just need the right makeup tools and some smokey eye makeup tricks.

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step by step smokey eye tutorial

Please note that you won’t master it at one go. You will have to practice it a few times before you get it all right.

How to do a Smokey Eye With Pictures & Video

We understand doing the smokey eye is hard but what’s harder is getting it right. If you really want others to appreciate your smokey eye and not make fun of it then you need to follow the right steps of doing smokey eye makeup.

We are going to tell you how to do a smokey eye makeup step by step.

Before you get started you need to do the following steps.

1. Get your makeup tools and brushes

You better keep all your makeup tools ready before getting started. Keep your makeup brushes, color palette, primer and other instruments ready.

tools and brushes

2. Face Makeup

Before applying makeup to your eyes, apply makeup to your face.

Face Makeup

How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional – Step by Step

3. Apply Primer

You are going to put a lot of efforts in getting those sexy smokey eyes so you won’t want to get the makeup smeared or wiped off. So, apply a primer on your eyelids and under the eyes so that your makeup stays at place for the maximum time.

Apply Primer

4. Apply Concealer

You want people to look at your smokey eyes and not the dark circles so, apply concealer to hide dark circles, under eye creases and rashes. To know how to apply eye concealer correctly please watch this short video.

How to apply concealer under eyes

5. Eye Lash Curler

Curl your eyelashes to make them look more attractive. You can apply fake eyelashes to make them look more sexy and dramatic.

How to Apply False Eye Lashes – Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

6. Dark Eye Shadow

Select the darkest color from your palette. It does not have to be black. You can try grey, brown, plum or navy. Apply it from your lashes to crease.

7. Smudge

You must have noticed that smokey eyes do not have fine lines. You need to smudge the eye shadow to create that smokey effect. Please watch the following smokey eye tutorial to get all the steps in detail.

8. How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup – Beginners Tutorial

Hope you liked our smokey eye tutorial. Let us know your experience of doing smokey eye at home through comments.

Stay beautiful ladies!

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