How to Apply Foundation correctly – Important steps

How to Apply Foundation Correctly – Important Tips

Good foundation is the base of great complexion. There are some important steps behind that perfect foundation. You need to prepare your skin for foundation, choose the correct shade, set the foundation correctly, blend it and take time in doing it.

A perfect foundation is at the base of applying makeup like professionals. Applying foundation correctly is an art and you need to know the basics. We are going to tell you some important tips and tricks on how to apply foundation flawlessly by yourself.

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How to Apply Foundation Correctly

We have got an interesting infographic below describing the 10 commandments of Foundation. It will give you a brief about how to apply foundation correctly.

How to Apply Foundation correctly

How to Apply Foundation correctly – Important steps

1. Prepare your skin

Cleanse your skin of any makeup, sweat or dirt. You can clean using rose-water or any other cleansing water.

Apply moisturizer according to your skin type. If you have dry skin then apply a liquid texture based moisturizer to prepare your skin. If you have oily skin then use a matte moisturizer.

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2. Choose a foundation for your skin type

You need to choose the right foundation for your skin type. Understand that foundation is the base of your makeup routine. Take a foundation that matches your skin tone. Try different shades of foundation on your face. Do not purchase a foundation if it matches your hand of neck, it should be identical with your face without blending.

3. Apply foundation using foundation brush

Most of the people apply foundation using fingers or hands. It is a makeup mistake. Always use foundation brush to apply foundation for even blending. Start from the center and blend outwards.

4. Use concealer to conceal blemishes and marks

Apply right concealer on the blemishes and redness. You can use your finger to apply concealer.

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5. Set the foundation

Use a translucent powder to set the foundation and concealer on place. However, do not apply access powder. You can use a soft brush of sponge to dab the powder on areas that tend to be shiny like nose, below eyes etc.

These were the basic steps on how to apply foundation. We have a video here showing the application of all these steps.

How to Apply Foundation and Concealer Correctly – Tutorial

Hope our article helped you in learning the perfect foundation application. If you have any questions then please use our comments box.

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