Top 10 Most Powerful Ways For Getting Rid Of Cockroaches Instantly

Cockroach is the house guest who was never invited, but once it’s in the house it rarely leaves. Soon they seem to be everywhere and there is no avoiding. You try killing one or two of these by stomping but how much stomping can you do after all. Cockroaches are numerous and breeding never seems to stop in them. These annoying little brats contaminate our food, water meanwhile destroying wire, electronics, any clothing in their sight.

So, how to get rid of cockroaches from our homes? Well, most of us will very aptly call for extermination guy and he will spray the house with insecticides. While this is the effective approach, it may not be enough in every case and it is better to avoid exterminations if you have a child at your home. These pesticides are extremely poisonous and you are likely to harm your own baby with these.

Before we get to remove these cockroaches from our homes, let’s first learn what not to do in a cockroach/roach infested home.

What Not To Do In Cockroach Infested Home

First point of business is to know when your home goes from clean sweet home to cockroach infested home. There are a few signs like cockroach feces lying around on walls, musty pungent odour in the room, dead cockroaches, stomach problem in family members and the most important is day time visibility of cockroaches, it shows severe roaches infestation.

What should one do when faced with such heavy cockroach infestation? Before moving to getting rid of these brutes, you should first start by taking a few precautionary measure which will reduce the chance of further cockroach infestation. A few of these measures are sealing all the crevices and cracks in home through which these rotten pests might enter. Next in line is to fix the water leaks in your house as this is utmost necessary for cockroaches to survive. Clean your home, mop the floor, take out the trash regularly, do not leave the dishes hanging, do not keep your food uncovered – basically sanitize your home as much as you can to get rid of cockroaches.

These few preventive measures will help you much more than any home remedy or pesticide and you will start noticing the difference in few days. If the cockroaches are still hanging around, refusing to leave, then here are a few home remedies to help you get rid of cockroaches.

Ways For Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroach  Baits

This is the most effective way of getting rid of cockroaches, though you will have to be careful nearly children. Cockroach baits are slow poisons usually .05% fipronil or 2% hydramethylnon. This takes a while to get rid of whole nest of roaches but eventually, it does the trick.

Cockroach BaitsCockroach Baits

Keep roach baits in places where roaches usually hang around and closer to their nest. It can be under the sink, bathroom, near garbage – this sort of places. Keep them about 1- 2 feet apart. Cockroach baits as I told are slow poison mixed with something edible for cockroaches. One or another cockroach eventually ingest this poison and takes it back to its nest, where it dies and other roaches feed on this infected/poisoned roach. Soon every roach gets infected and dies off.

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Using Boric Acid Against Cockroaches

Boric acid is a weak monobasic acid, used as insecticide, antiseptic etc. It is also a dangerous poison if consumed in high quantity, so beware if you are choosing boric acid to get rid of roaches. Keep it out of children’s reach, and children away from it.

Boric acid kills cockroaches by dehydration following its ingestion or absorption via exoskeleton. You can sprinkle boric acid in frequently roach visited regions of your home and wait overnight. Roaches will eat it up eventually and will die.

You can also make a homemade roach bait with boric acid, using boric acid, sugar and white flour – each in equal amount. Use it as a normal store-bought roach bait and see the result. It will also be much safer for children.

Use Fabric Softener Against Roaches

Fabric softener or a soap solution makes a layer of soap solution over the cockroach’s body which clogs the very pores which help roach breath. As a result roach start gasping for breath and soon dies. This method doesn’t help in taking out the whole nest, least it can help you with is killing a bunch of roaches instantly.

Use Fabric Softener Against RoachesUse Fabric Softener Against Roaches

Mix adequate soap/ fabric softener with water and keep it in a spray bottle. As soon as you see a group of cockroaches, spray this solution on them. I know it is quite impossible but try to at least hit their lower body, this is the region which helps them breath.

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Traps For Cockroaches

Traps For Cockroaches

These are traps made principally to get rid of cockroaches. There are many a traps available commercially and you can also make some of these. A few examples are petroleum jelly trap, water trap, Using coffee in the trap. Basic principle behind all these traps is to somehow attract the roaches inside the trap and then make it impossible for them to get out.

In Water trap we fill up a narrow mouth bottle/ container with water and a bait ( which can be the coffee due to its aroma) and place the narrow mouth side closer to roach nest. Cockroaches tries to get in due to bait but gets drowned in water. In petroleum jelly trap, instead of narrow mouth, we use a wide-mouthed bottle and apply some petroleum jelly along the inner rim of the bottle, this make it impossible for cockroaches to get out. In the morning you can take out all the trapped roaches and get rid of them somewhere distant to your home.

Use Some Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are common kitchen ingredient used for its nice odour, fortunately for us it drives cockroaches away. There won’t be any killing involved, roaches will just not prefer your home after you use bay leaves on them.

Bay Leaves Against CockroachesBay Leaves Against Cockroaches

Dry up some bay leaves and make a powder. Sprinkle this powder along your sink, garbage can, bathroom crevice, closets or any place where you think roaches visits most. This will drive them away and out of your home within minutes.

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Cockroach Repellents

Natural Cockroach Repellents

These are naturally found materials, often with a strong smell which helps keep away the cockroaches but again some of these have so strong a smell than even you won’t tolerate it, so choose wisely. Not to mention that you have to use these repellents as the night draws and near to cockroach nest.

These repellents are :

·         Catnip

Active ingredient is nepetalactone, keep catnip sachet near the roach’s nest to get rid of them.

·         Pine Sol And Blanch

It has very offending smell even for us humans, so use it when you are going out of home for some time. Use equal amount of each ingredient and mix it in boiling water. Splash the mixture near roach infested regions of our home and if possible do not stay in home for next 20-30 minutes.

·         Ammonia And Water

Same principle, same application. Water is added to somewhat lighten the pungent odour of ammonia. Clean your bathroom, kitchen sink, dirty under surface of sink with the solution.

·         Cayenne Pepper With Garlic & Onion

Cayenne pepper alone is much effective repellent. When mixed with garlic and onion it does wonders. Make a paste of all three ingredients by crushing and add it to boiling water.  Spray the solution in infested areas.

A few other known cockroach repellents which you can use are diluted listerine, mothballs, cedar oil etc.

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Baking Soda And Sugar Against Roaches

Baking soda and sugar is another homemade cockroach bait which is relatively safer than the one with boric acid in it. It also is less effective in killing roaches than boric acid. It gets rid of cockroaches by interfering with their digestive system.

Baking Soda And Sugar Against RoachesBaking Soda And Sugar Against Roaches

Take one part sugar and one part baking soda, mix them both to make a homogenous powder. Sprinkle the powder in roach infested areas in your home. It kills the roaches as baking soda reacts with the acid in its stomach.

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Using Bleach To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Bleach is the commonly used household antiseptic to clean the surfaces. If you are not using it and your home is roach infested than this probably is the reason. Mix bleach in water before mopping and cleaning the surfaces.Also flush some of this water down the drains and toilet to get rid roaches residing there.

Use Lemon Against RoachesUse Lemon Against Roaches

You can also use lemon instead of bleach. Lemon has natural bleaching nature and is a very good antiseptic agent. You can also use lemon while washing dishes, it will keep them more cleaner. Even if there are roaches in your house they will affect you less if you are washing your dishes using water mixed with some lemon.

Use Bundling Taps For Roaches

This is effective but will require extra time and manpower because unless you are lucky, you actually are just picking up cockroach single at a time. But it is quite good method if your home is clean and there are not many cockroaches in the house.

Use Bundling Taps For RoachesUse Bundling Taps For Roaches

You can use glue sheet or bundling taps with adhesive side up. Keep them close to roach nest or at places where you usually see these nasty creatures. Leave them out in the night and check in the morning if you have been lucky.

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Choose Experts

Pesticides Against Cockroaches

If none of above is working out for you than it is time for you to call in the experts. There are many pest control companies which effectively gets rid of cockroaches for good. Get every roach infested area sprayed, make sure they don’t miss anything like sink, vents, closet, secret hiding place, drainage, cracks etc. These annoying creatures will never trouble you again.

However, If you are not comfortable with a stranger in your house, then at least consult a pest control company and choose an effective insecticides. There are many commercially available pesticides in the market. While using these pesticide, make sure that children can’t reach them. These pesticide may turn out to be very harmful if ingested by a child, after all they are poison.

Being done all that, you will also need to show some patience, it takes a while to get rid of all the cockroaches as they constantly keep breeding. Once they are out of the house, clean up the house thoroughly again, use an antiseptic. Use all the preventive measure we discussed in the beginning because you never know, when these roaches might invite themselves back in.

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