How To Get Rid Of Spiders

How To Get Rid Of Spiders: Top 10 Ways

“Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be “follow the butterflies”?” Yep, Ron Weasley says it all. Spiders are yucky. These crawling eerie creatures prefer living outside but in rainy seasons you can see them crawling in your house running up the wall, making themselves comfortable in plain sight. It is not a science that as much as we are afraid of it, we want to get rid of these spiders. Especially when there are toddlers in home who need special caring.

Spider bites though non harmful in many cases, do not necessarily makes you spidey. In fact, there are over 100 reported death from deadly spider venom. Usually, spider bites are harmless but why take the chance when you can simply get rid of them? Anyways, sight of them is pretty frightening and I think that’s enough reason for me to think of getting rid of spiders.

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Kill The Source Of Spiders

In part of getting rid of spiders process, you need to know where these creatures are coming from otherwise, no matter how much you try, spiders will keep rolling in. As I told you above that spiders in general prefer living outside unless it’s rainy season when it tries to get closer to warmth.

Where outside? It can be in the garbage or old stuff collected outside your home or in the vegetation. Try to get rid of these things. Move greenery a little farther from your home walls. Remove any stones, debris, old tired practically everything dirty from your yard. This will keep a distance between your home walls and spiders and I mean literally!

Don’t Let Them In

As rainy season catches on, temperature outside drops and living beings starts looking for places to get warm. Being an arthropod, it is quite important for spiders to be in a warm environment. As their body temperature drops according to atmospheric temperature, they don’t have the ability to control their body temperature.

At these times they crawl up inside the house using crevices and cracks in your windows, doors. Seal these cracks using something permanent waterproof filler. Make sure you don’t forget chimney and vents, cover them.

Avoid using light in the yard at night-time, if you are using make sure it’s not too bright. Bright light invites the food for spiders – insects, mosquitoes etc. This bright light source will be the perfect treat for spiders. Avoid them and if possible use tinted window glass.

Keep A Clean And Tidy Home

Keeping a clean home is a necessity not just for getting rid of spiders but for your health as well. A dirty, untidy home attracts a lot of insects which in turn attracts spiders. If you don’t want spiders hanging around your apartment, do a thorough cleaning of your home at least once a week.

Vacuuming and mopping should be a part of daily routine. Don’t leave a pile of unwashed clothes in the corner. Avoid leaving food crumbs, dirty dishes in home for long time. Take out your trash regularly and if possible use airtight plastic bags. The bag reduces the chances of spider infestation in the garbage.

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Clean Up Spider Webs

Spiders often build themselves a web in the corner of the room, closets, drawers etc. These webs serve the purpose of catching the insect for spider. It is quite amazing you know, the ability to build such a fine and strong web. But how does it help getting rid of spiders?

As you might have noticed in your household, sometimes spiders wander around in these webs, you can also see a spider building more of the web. So When you clean out these spider webs using vacuum cleaner or broom, spiders get caught with them. Even if you miss the spider, you are making it harder for them to catch any more insect. Check out every single corner of your home and get rid of these spider webs.

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Bring In The Professionals

This is what you should go for, when spider infestation in your home is overwhelming. Even after taking all my suggested steps you are seeing spiders everywhere, it’s time to turn to professionals. Call a pest control company immediately. Although most spiders are harmful, brown recluse or black widow species mean it’s time to raise the alarm.

If you can’t wait for exterminator then go out in the market and buy an insecticide for yourself. Be careful in using them. These insecticides are poisonous and children should not be left unattended with these. Most insecticides contain pyrethroids, slow poison which needs direct contact with spiders. Spray these insecticides at places where you expect to find a spider – like closets, crevices, cracks etc.

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Use Diatom Fossils Against Spiders

Use Diatom Fossils Against SpidersUse Diatom Fossils Against Spiders

Diatoms are unicellular algae which can also live in colonies. Fossilized diatoms are called diatomaceous earth which is quite effective against spiders or any other insect. It cuts them following a direct contact, causing leakage of body fluids which eventually kills them.

Diatomaceous earth is available in every grocery store out there, you can purchase it online too. Just sprinkle diatomaceous powder in the crevices and crept or the usual hanging out places of spiders and it will take care of them. This is safer for children so they can play around as much as they want.

Use Vinegar For Spiders

Vinegar can be found in any household. It has multipurpose nature. It is a natural antiseptic, used for cleaning dishes and sink. It can rid of any spot from clothes, burnish your scissor, knife etc. You just have to get some water and equal amount of vinegar and mix them up. Shake them for a while. Make sure they are thoroughly mixed because vinegar as we know is a weak acid, it can harm us if it gets concentrated.

Vinegar For SpidersVinegar For Spiders

Use this diluted vinegar to kill and burn the spiders. Spray the mixtures directly on spiders, It does not have any residual effect. If you are out on a mission to get the spiders, this is your go to tool. Don’t leave out any corner, closet, bushes. Use it as much as you can.

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Using Peppermint Oil Against Spiders

Some of us are a little hesitant in killing spiders or any living thing and it is nothing to be ashamed about, after all they are living beings. Especially in general are helpful to us, getting rid of other pests and all. So if you are one of these guys and looking for a more humane way to get rid of the spiders than this is the way to go.

Using Peppermint Oil Against SpidersUsing Peppermint Oil Against Spiders

Peppermint oil has a particular odour which is intolerable for spiders. They run away from it as soon as they can. Mix up the peppermint oil with some water and spray it in the entry points of spiders – crevices, holes in the wall, torn up window etc. If you are looking for a prolonged effect then take some cotton, soak it up in peppermint oil and stuff it in those cracks. It will take care of any incoming spiders.

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Use Glue Sheets As Traps

Glue Sheets As Traps

Using glue boards to get rid of insects is not unheard of. It is a common practice and is quite effective. There is a catch though, how are you going to spread these sheet on walls, places where you usually see spiders.

Answer is you won’t. No, you will be spreading these glue sheet down on ground not on walls, but after cleaning all the spider webs in your home. In absence of webs, spiders won’t have a place to stay in. They will try to get to some new place and will be caught in glue sheet trap. You can then, get rid of spiders in the morning.

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Using Spider Repellents

Spider repellents are one of the many effective and non-violent ways to get rid of the spiders. There are so many repellents out there – commercially and naturally both. A few of these repellents are Citrus fruits – anything containing citric acid, Cedar wood chips, tobacco, chestnuts, baking soda etc.

Use these repellents when you have relatively lesser spider in your home. These repellents will prevent further incoming of spiders and will slowly get rid of all the spiders in your home. Use these repellents in usual places where you commonly find a spider – closets, bookshelves, corners in any room, near a light source etc.

In case of spider bite, do not act hero. Go and consult a doctor. It might be nothing but why take the chance. Get rid of the spiders with these top 10 ways, I hope they work for you. Let us know, which one was the most helpful.

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