How to Get Rid of Ants Indoors Instantly

How to Get Rid of Ants Indoors Instantly

Ants are real problem when they bring their whole pack in your home and start streaming inside your doors, almirahs or on the floors. They get on your food or dead insects, cockroaches and sometimes they are all over the floor. It is so difficult to get rid of them. Most of the people don’t mind seeing ants outside their house but if you see them inside your house that’s a real problem and you would want to get rid of ants as soon as possible.

Ants mostly come in rainy days on in summers. You will rarely see ants in winters. They come because they get attracted to your food. There are some medical ways to get rid of ants but if you want to get rid of ants without using chemical ways then here are some inexpensive natural ways to get rid of ants. You can do pest control in your house or spray some kind of chemicals to get rid of ants but these chemicals are no good for you either. Specially, if you have little kids in your home. Pesticides are harmful for all the living beings.

As a much safer approach to get rid of ants from your home we are going to tell you most powerful ways for getting rid of ants.

Most Powerful Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

1. Borax to get rid of ants

Borax or boric acid is very effective way to remove ants from your house. Just sprinkle some boric acid at the place where you find ants and you are done.

borax to kill antsborax to kill ants

Borax harm the ants both internally and externally. You can also make a bait for ants by mixing borax with a little water and sugar. Sprinkle this mixture around the corners or the ants affected area. The ants will get attracted to the sugar bait and as they will come there the borax will give them a hard time. The ants will get borax all over their bodies and when they get back to their colonies they will kill other ants and the queen ant too.

Please keep your kids away from this mixture. You don’t want kids to get in contact with it.

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2. Lemons to get rid of ants

Lemons are very powerful in keeping ants away from your home. Lemons are acidic and their acidic smell can mask ants trail.

Sprinkle some lemon drops on the doors, windows and other entry points of ants. Do this once every few days untill you get rid of all the ants.

You can also use lemon essential oil. Sprinkle lemon essential oil on the corners, book shelfs, windows, kitchen cabinets and keep the ants away.

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3. Vinegar to remove ants from home

Vinegar is another ingredient to help you remove ants from your home. If you get this ants problem very frequently then consider cleaning table tops, kitchen counters with mild vinegar solution. It will keep the ants away.

If you have already got ants trail in your home then you can get rid of ants using white vinegar. Ants cannot bear strong smell of white vinegar.

How to use Vinegar to get rid of ants

  1. Take some white vinegar
  2. Add equal amount of water to it
  3. Mix them well and put the mixture in a spray bottle
  4. You can also mix a few drops of essential oil to it
  5. Spray this mixture at all the entry points of ants
  6. Leave it on for about one hour
  7. Wipe away the ants using a damp paper towel

Repeat this home remedy to get rid of ants daily untill all the ants are gone.

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4. Pepper to keep the ants away from home

Pepper is a powerful disinfectant. Peppermint repels insects and ants.

You need to mix some peppermint oil into some water and spray this solution on entry points. Do this two times a day untill you get rid of all the ants.

pepper to remove ants from homepepper to remove ants from home

If you do not have peppermint oil then you can just sprinkle dried pepper powder on the entry points. It will remove the ants too. Don’t forget to cover all the areas of ants like the garbage area, table, kitchen, garden, etc.

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5. Oranges to get rid of ants outside

Oranges work just like lemons. This fruit is acidic and repels ants.

Blend an orange and make a smooth puree. Mix it with some water and put it in spray bottle. Now spray it in your garden, door entrance and every other point where you think ants can come.

oranges to get rid of antsoranges to get rid of ants

Spray this liquid on the ants too so that they go back to with this home-made pest and kill other ants too. This way you will get rid of the ants permanently.

We hope these home remedies help you in getting rid of all the ants from your home. If you have any queries then please let us know using comments.

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