12 Most Effective Ways To Boost Immunity In Children

Children are the beauty of nature. Never have seen a person who doesn’t like them and what is there not to like. They are cute, cuddly, innocent and one look at them, even a simple gesture makes us smile. As innocent as they are, they are also susceptible to lingering infection in the surroundings and too often have complaints of cough, cold, diarrhea, stomach ache, etc.

Frequent visit to physician or pediatrician doesn’t help much in these situations. Ever wonder why this is common in children only, why not we adult get infections so frequently, after all we are living in the same environment. Whatever exposure children are having, we are facing the same stuff. A very simple reason for this is we are adult, over the years our immune system has prepared us for these exposures. Our immunity is stronger than our children.

Boost Immunity In Children

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What your child needs is the same, an immunity boost. Though an immunity like an adult will take years, there are still ways to boost immunity in children. These natural ways will make your child healthier and soon there will be no more visits to the clinic.

How To Boost Immunity In Children

Adequate Breastfeeding

It is a part of every motherhood and is essential for baby. A breastfed baby is less likely to be affected by these common ailments compared to a bottle fed baby. Research says that a breastfed baby has 4 times stronger immunity than a bottle fed baby.

What does it do? Mother’s milk is enriched with every nutrient a baby’s body requires. It is sterile, so there is no chance of food acquired infections. Apart from it, breast milk contains a number of immunological factors which naturally boosts a baby’s immunity. These factors include IgA antibodies, macrophages, lymphocytes, lactoferrin, lysozyme, interferon etc. Breasts also have a no. of growth factors and hormones essential for the growth of the baby and to boost immunity.

Adequate Breastfeeding

Not to mention the colostrum or first milk of mother, which is far more superior to breast milk. It is important to feed the baby naturally not only to boost immunity but also for his growth and development.

Immunization Of Child

On the internet, everyone will suggest you to keep your child away from antibiotic and vaccination to boost his immunity. In real this is far from true. These are half facts encouraged by wackos. I will try to share the facts with you guys and you judge by yourself if my advice for a pro-immunization is right or wrong.

Immunization is not just a bunch of vaccinations intended to destroy the immune system. No, Immunization in simpler terms can be considered as resistance or ability to fight the infection. To fight you need soldiers, these soldiers need training. They need to know who is enemy and who is not. Whom to attack?

Now your immune system is the military who starts recruiting soldiers ( WBCs, Antibodies etc.) from a very young age. To train them, it either needs you to get infected or these vaccines which tell these soldiers who the enemy(microbe) is. So, these vaccines do their job of boosting your child’s immune system.

I agree that antibiotics should not be taken lightly, it indeed results in resistance if taken over a longer period of time. I am not advising you to munch these pills lightly but when your physician says that it is necessary, then go for it. Not every fight could be won with the foot soldiers only, sometimes you need bombs and tanks.

These were the two most important steps, with which you can boost immunity in children. Other than these, there are ways which are bound to boost your baby’s immunity in the long-term.

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Enough Sleep For Child

Ever heard of the phrase “sleep like a baby”? Well, that’s what your child needs. Sleep is nature’s way to take away all our weariness and make us fresh and active again. It is important for a child to be active in his lifestyle as you will learn soon. Sleep deprivation is a common cause of unhealthy babies.

Enough Sleep For Child to boost immunity

As the amount of sleep goes down so does the immune system. Our whole body is tired and so is the immune system, it doesn’t wanna fight pathogens, they roam freely in and out of the system. On average, a healthy baby or child needs at least 12 hours of sleep, anything less is likely to affect their health and it is just around figure. Make sure your baby gets his sleep as per his age.

Light Exercising For Children

Immunity meter will go through roofs if your child is in habit of daily routine exercises. This advice is for a little older children, who can walk and talk. Make them a chart of small fun exercises, exercise with them. Seeing you exercising they will try to step in your shoes.

Light Exercising For Child

Exercises don’t need to be all physical, a few swimming classes, acrobatics, dancing lessons, cycling, jogging is more than enough. No need to pin all these on your baby. Try to add some brain exercises as well to their routine. Like solving a puzzle, doing math, legos or at a younger age building something with boxes. This will need your active participation, a child does as it sees.

Make A Positive Home Environment

A healthy home grows a healthy baby. It is equally important for a baby to have a positive home environment to boost immunity. Now, what do I mean when I say a positive home environment? I mean that you need to show your love to baby. Baby needs hugs and kisses. The touch of your skin might just be the magical healing factor for him.

Positive Home Environment

Aside from that you also need to be happy around, try not to fight or argue in front of your children. It has a negative impact on the baby’s brain and health. Instead of shouting or forcing on baby try showing little love. These small things will help your baby develop a healthy immunity.

Indulge In Probiotic

Probiotic is the latest medical discovery which is getting quite popular for boosting children’s immunity and rightly so, probiotic are actually good bacteria, chiefly those residing in your gut. Yeah, a lot many bacteria lives on and inside the human body and work symbiotically. They help us and our body helps them. A small example is bacteria residing in the gut, these fellows produce vitamin K which is an essential vitamin for us. In return, they eat some of the food we ingest. This is symbiosis.

Indulge In Probiotic to boost immunity in babies

Fermented food items like yogurt, miso soup, pickles, kefir are probiotic and help in boosting children’s immunity naturally. These good bacteria wards off any bad bacteria, allergy, cold, cough and especially digestive problem. One should definitely eat these probiotics following a week’s regime of antibiotics, as antibiotics kill not only bad guys but also these good bacteria which need to be replaced. So have a cup of yogurt and share it with your child.

Aid Child’s Immunity With Vitamin D

Vitamin D and Zinc are biologically designed to boost our immunity. In children, where immunity is still developing, these micronutrients can do wonders. One can get enough of vitamin D by adequate sun exposure. Vitamin D or its active form Cholecalciferol, also called vitamin D3, is synthesized in human skin from cholesterol following sun exposure.

Boost Child’s Immunity With Vitamin D

This vitamin D along with zinc and other vitamins promote antimicrobial peptide synthesis which takes care of the lingering infection, far more effective than antibiotics. On plus side, it also promotes bone growth and makes them stronger. It’s a perfect recipe to boost immunity in children. Mushrooms are a pretty good source of vitamin D after sunlight.

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Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are fatty acids which are utmost important for our body but we can not synthesize these fatty acids. The only source of these fatty acids are animals and plants. There are two fatty acids which are essential for us, Alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid.

Essential Fatty Acids

These EFAs are known to modulate immune response inside the body. Their deficiency results in decreased immune response. In theory, ingestion of these essential EFA boosts child’s immune system and makes it stronger. Dietary sources of these fatty acids are fish, shellfish, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, leafy vegetables and best of them all flaxseed.

Drink Plenty Of Water

70% of our body is made up of water. Whatever your goal is, if you want to achieve it naturally you have to go to water. No matter if you are trying to lose weight, getting fairer skin, trying to look young or you are trying to boost your child’s immunity, Water is the source to go.

How does it help? Water keeps you fresh and ready to take on any microbe. It cleanses the mouth and gut. It flushes out the toxins from your body. It helps your body to function at the optimum level. Lymph, the carrier of immunological cells is made up of water and blood. A great many numbers of ailments are known to benefit from water. So make sure that your child drinks enough water. On average your 8-9 yr old child needs at least about 10 cups of water daily.

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Healthy Diet For Healthy Immunity

What your child eats decides how his immunity is going to be. Apart from probiotic and other supplementing foods, healthy diet, in general, is important for a child’s immunity. It determines how strong his immunity will be when pathogen attacks. A healthy child won’t even need his immunity if he is on a healthy diet. On the other hand, a malnourished baby with multiple deficiencies is bound to get sick sooner or later.

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Up till 6 months, all that a baby needs is breast milk. Frequent breastfeeding, at least every 2-3 hours is important. After 6 months one should definitely start complimenting the breastfeed. An older child needs much more than this. He needs to take his daily calorie and protein requirements. His diet should contain every micronutrient, vitamins, minerals etc. Make him eat as much fruits and vegetables he can eat. Stay off sugar, deep-fried food items, snacks, cold drinks etc.

Instill Hygiene In Your Child

How your child is acting throughout the day is also an important part in determining how much healthier will he be. Start teaching him healthy habits from the very beginning, so by the time he starts going out of the home, he knows his hygiene. These are very simple but must do habits which automatically kicks in your child’s immunity.

Hygiene In Your Child

Make him brush his teeth and floss every night before going to bed. Every morning ask him to take a walk outside early morning. Before leaving for school, make him brush his teeth and take a proper bath not a rapid one. Teach him to wash his hands before and after eating the food. Mouth wash is just as important. Every time he/she comes back home, make him wash his hands at least. These are few of the important one habits, but I am sure caring mothers will know these more.

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Keep Your Home Clean

This is not much of boosting immunity exercise but it will surely keep those irritating infections at bay. Make it a habit to keep your house clean, children are known to be innocent, you never know what might they keep in their mouth. Clean molds under your sink, keep good bathroom hygiene. If possible use bleach or some sanitizer while mopping the floor. A clean home will not only keep your child but also your family. It will be a fruitful activity, so better get going, bacteria are just around the corner waiting for your child.

Keep Your Home Clean to protect your child from disease

These are few of the steps which will boost up your child’s immunity. Other than this keep your child happy, don’t make him stay inside the home. Too much cleanness also do results in allergies. Make him play, run, jump around, it will boost both his confidence and his immunity.

If know some any important point on how to boost immunity in children then please let me know through comments. Share this useful information with your friends.

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