10+ Home Remedies To Stop Snoring

10+ Home Remedies To Stop Snoring

Sleep disorders are the worse and snoring is one of them. Not only the person affected with snoring suffers but the person sharing the bed with him/her is also affected. With obesity and heart problems on rise, snoring has become a common problem in today’s generation. Not to mention the marital stress it brings to one’s personal life. If you have shared a room with a snoring person then you understand how much difficult it is to stand snoring when all you want is a full night’s rest.

Snoring happens due to relaxed pharyngeal muscles, tongue, tonsils etc. All of these lead to narrower airway which causes the horrible sound of snoring. Snoring can be associated with sleep apnea though both are not found exclusively in the same person. While sleep apnea is considered more disastrous, snoring is relatively normal. Sleep apnea can be defined as one’s inability to breathe while sleeping. Chances of sleep apnea increases considerably in a person with snoring. So, snoring is a risk factor or I should say a precursor to sleep apnea.

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Home remedies to stop snoring

Snoring, on the other hand have its own bane too. Other than awkward social life, a person snoring is often tired throughout the day. He feels unreasonable sleep in his eyes and often has short attention span. As his body often fails to get complete rest, with time he starts feeling depressed and irritable. There is no end to these problems until he seeks medical help. Before it’s too late we have a few remedies against mild-mannered snoring which can be resolved at home. Let’s see if any of these is helpful to you.

How To Stop Snoring with Home Remedies

To be frank there can be a long list of these home remedies to stop snoring, but we here will discuss only efficient ways to make your snoring disappear for forever.

Clear Air Passage To Avoid Snoring

Congested or stuffy nose is more than often the only cause of snoring in people. Most of us ignore it and it often disappears with the cold. But what to do it when cold is persisting and with it you are becoming a bad room partner. There are numerous ways to counter this cold stuffy nose.  A few of which are:

·     Saline Nasal Drop to stop snoring

Saline nasal drops are often prescribed in common cold and is the first line of defense against cold. But did you know that you can make it at home. It is quite simple you just need a little common salt, water and nasal spray bottle. Make a 0.9% solution of salt and water and fill it up in the nasal spray bottle.

Use the spray 2-3 times a day to avoid congestion, preferably in the night if snoring is too heavy.

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·         Steam Inhalation to stop snoring

 Steam Inhalation to stop snoring

Another way to go about cold is using steam inhalation. Steam opens up the blocked nasal passage and helps us breathe. There is no rocket science behind it. Just get a bowl pour some heated, if possible boiling water in it. Add a few drops of essential oils and get started. Cover your head with a clean towel while inhaling the steam. It will increase the effectiveness of the steam.

·         Other Natural Decongestant

Other than these two effective methods there is a whole list of natural decongestant. Though none of those are medically certified like these, they are known to be effective. Ask your mom about the use of garlic, cardamom, turmeric etc. against stuffy nose and snoring. All these home remedies are considered natural decongestant and are helpful against common cold and thus snoring.

Are You Allergic?

Allergy is another prominent cause for snoring. Usually precipitating by inflammation, allergy causes tissues to swell up making it difficult to breathe. Patients end up snoring. Sometimes this simple allergy becomes extensive and involves sinuses and is called sinusitis.

Symptomatically a simple allergy may present as a common cold, except it will involve exposure to the allergen. If you are seasonal allergic than your allergy will present only in one season often in summers. If your allergy is controllable than there are a few ways which you can try at home to avoid snoring due to these allergies.

·         Nettle Tea For Allergy

Nettle Tea

In line of home remedies against allergies, Nettle tea is far ahead from others due to its natural antihistamine nature. Histamine is the chemical responsible for swelling observed in tissue during allergy. As a natural antagonist Nettle tea counters these effects of histamine and opens up the respiratory pathway. This inevitably helps against snoring.

Get a few nettle leaves and boil them up in clean water. Drink the tea three times a day for effective results. This remedy is particularly helpful in seasonal allergies.

·         Honey & Ginger Tea For Allergy

Honey & Ginger Tea For Allergy

Not to brag or something, but these both have been good guys for us since a long time. Both have natural anti-inflammatory properties and are particularly helpful in allergies causing snoring. They get rid of obvious inflammation in the throat and clears the air passage which effectively ends the snoring.

You can either use honey alone – adding it to water or an herbal tea. Drink the solution twice a day, especially before going to bed to avoid snoring. Otherwise, you can make tea using ginger and honey both. Snoring or not, this surely will be a tea to serve.

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·         Using Olive Oil to stop Snoring

Using Olive Oil Against Snoring

Olive oil is another effective home remedy against snoring. A single sip of olive oil can push away all your troubles and make you a happy couple again. How? For one thing, it provides moisture to the pharyngeal muscle and let air pass easier. Another thing of importance is that it has natural anti-allergic nature, it reduces the swelling in respiratory pathway.

Using olive oil is simple, take 2-3 sips of olive oil before going to bed. If possible do this 2-3 times a day to stop snoring

·         Chamomile Tea Against Snoring

Chamomile Tea Against Snoring

Like all others in this list, chamomile also do have anti-inflammatory effects which makes it helpful against snoring due to allergies. Using it is quite easy. Take a few chamomile flowers or a chamomile tea bag and add it to boiling water. After a waiting period of 3-5 minutes, add some honey to the water and make it a tea. Drink chamomile tea twice to thrice a day for effective results.

Is It Dry Air?

Many a times problem lies not in our body but in our environment. Dry air often is a certified cause of snoring. Dry air leads to congested membranes in our throat, making air movement difficult which sooner or later precipitate as snoring. People in whom dry air is the sole cause of snoring often wake up with dry mouth and sore throat. There are a few things we can do about it

·         Get A Humidifier

Get A Humidifier

If you live in an artificially heated room than the need for humidifier is much more than you might have thought. A humidifier increases the moisture inside a room or a closed space which in turn humidifies the air, thus saving us from troubles of dry air.

If you already have a humidifier then get it serviced or clean it up yourself, because it obviously is not doing its job properly. Once you have a new humidifier, your snoring will soon disappear.

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·         Peppermint Oil – home remedy to stop Snoring

Another way to go about dry air is using this home remedy, quite popular and effective. Peppermint oil is also helpful against allergies and has natural anti-inflammatory properties which makes it further superior than all other home remedies. Various ways to use peppermint oil are:Peppermint Oil Against Snoring

  1. Take 2-3 sips of peppermint oil before going to bed, it will moisturize the lining of pharyngeal wall and respiratory pathway.
  2. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your humidifier before going to sleep. This will, with the add-on effect of humidifier, get rid of dry air from your room completely.
  3. You can also dab a few drops of peppermint oil with cotton under your nose, it will moisturize any incoming air before it enters the nostrils.

A Few Lifestyle Changes

There are a few known lifestyle changes, based on human physiology and anatomy which helps snoring go away. If snoring is excessive and does not go away with these simple home remedies, I would advise to opt for these essential changes. These healthy changes will not only get rid of snoring but will also bring out a whole different persona in you.

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·         Lose Weight To Avoid Snoring

Overweight individuals are more prone to snoring than a thin or normal built individual. Excessive fat around the throat muscles is known to cause airway obstruction. Also, when you are obese, your abdominal muscles don’t help much in respiration resulting in snoring. So start losing weight and you yourself will see the difference.

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·         Sleep Posture Against Snoring

It is important that how you sleep. Of course, you can not fix your sleeping position throughout the night, but try to sleep on your side. It avoids closing up of your throat by tongue. You can keep a tennis ball under your back so that whenever you lay down on your back, you will know that you have to sleep sideways. Otherwise, you can also take help of pillows.

Another important part of sleep posture is to raise the head end of bed a little higher than leg side. It brings nose, oral cavity and throat in single straight line making it easier to breath. Which in turn helps getting rid of snoring.

·         Quit Smoking & Alcoholism to stop snoring

Both these habits have more loss than gains. I simply do not get why people opt for these perversions. Well, If you happen to be on of these guys and having snoring troubles than quit while you are ahead. Smoking irritates the respiratory mucosa and makes it inflamed thus narrowing the air passage.

Alcohol on the other hand, relaxes throat muscles more than normal which inadvertently narrows the passage and causes snoring. For the same reason heavy meals just before sleeping are avoided.

·         Indulge In Pranayama & Throat Exercises

Pranayama and throat exercise help you control your breathing. Prananyama is a type of yoga which focuses on your breathing and help you take deep and longer breaths. Once you master this, you never have the snoring problem. Take help of a professional. You can also practice singing. Singing opens up your throat and respiratory passages. It also increases your respiratory capacity and soon the snoring nightmare disappears.

You can also make use of nasal strips. They keep your nostrils open and help you breath. These few habits can actually make a difference. Once you are habitual of these practices, once they become a part of your routine – You won’t even know they are there and your spouse will never have to go another because of your snoring. By the way, you can also use anti-snoring chin mask or head mask. If they work for you.

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