How to Protect Yourself When Being Attacked: 10 Ways

Protecting yourself and the ones we love is the meaning of life in today’s time. People go to various different measures for it. When you are protecting yourself from another person, most of the people prefer the gun.

Now it is really perplexing why people go to such an extreme measure. Is it a thrill? or do people actually believe that saving themselves at the cost of another person’s life is okay? Do these people actually have guts to use the gun when the need arises? And how do they decide when to use the gun? You can’t just kill a thief. Also, getting a gun is not that easy as per your state’s law. You might fall into legal trouble for using a gun or worse, the attacker can use your gun to harm you.

These questions are simple yet important. I know, every one of us has the answer to these questions. What we forget that right now is not the time, we have to think of these question when we are actually facing the situation and time essentially is not with us in these scenarios.

How to Protect Yourself When Being Attacked

Most of the time we have to think on our feet and they don’t think well. Plus if you are using a firearm than perpetrator will be forced to do the same. We of course very well know who will be better prepared with the gun.

So, I say it is better not to use a gun even for saving our own life. Now many of us are not allowed to carry firearms because of state rules and regulations. Choose that as motivation because firearm can not always protect us. You can do more harm than good with a gun. In these situations how should one protect himself and his family?

There are many ways to protect yourself in the need or hour. You can use simple things like your keys, nails, purse, smartphone, jewelry, belt against the attacker to disarm and harm him.  I am going to help you out with some strong self defense techniques.

10 Ways To Protect Yourself from Attacker

1. Using Knife For Protection

Using Knife For Protection & self defence

A sharp-edged tool like a knife comes quite handy when in a crisis. No one really notices a knife in the pocket compared to a gun, it is light and easy to hide. A knife is easy to carry around and have plenty of potential in it. It can disarm the opponent in a single blow if used carefully. Preferably opt for a pocket knife, it can injure the opponent without significantly posing any life risk.

My advice is to get some practice with a knife. You can’t simply take out a knife and start defending yourself in first go. Buy a dummy and practice the knife on it and picture yourself in a most difficult situation. A knife is also effective in an abduction situation, you can cut the rope with it, a gun is not gonna help you there.

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2. Using A Flashlight For Protection

It has more of a multipurpose role. A flashlight which is quite heavy and has considerable length is the perfect choice for protection. Weight gives it force, making it give a hard blow. Length, on the other hand, provides the reach and hence is great for self-defense.

Using A Flashlight For Protection and self defense

Most of the life-endangering situation we face has a disadvantage of being a surprise. We never know what may happen when we are walking down an alley. In such situations,  a flashlight comes handy. You can actually see a risk before finding yourself in it. You can walk away or if it is unavoidable then you have a heavy companion with yourself whose single blow can knock out a pretty hefty opponent.

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3. Pepper Spray For Protection

Pepper spray can be effective in protecting oneself. They incorporate 20% of capsicum in their formula which has an irritating effect on the soft skin like that of eyes and face. Though effective, these sprays can cause permanent blindness so be cautious while using them.

Foam sprays are more preferable than aerosol ones as the risk of self-infliction is less with foam types. Pepper sprays are quite helpful to females as they can keep them in their purse and if needed use them. The trick is to hit them in the face as this is the softest target of the assailant and then run away. Do not wait around and boast yourself as he/ she may have a weapon on them.

Pepper Spray For Protection and self defence

A powerful pepper spray is efficient to disarm a mob of 5-8 people. You don’t even need to spray it on their eyes. Even if you spray it from a distance it will cause such huge burning sensation on their skin that will gain you enough time to run away. Find a strong pepper spray and keep it in your purse, ladies.

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4. Using Stun Gun For Protection

When thinking of protection, stun gun never escapes the mind. Of course, we have all seen in movies, where our favorite yet physically weak protagonist uses a stun gun as effective protection. Stun guns do the job of stunning the assailant, never really mortally injuring the attacker unless they have a heart condition.

Using Stun Gun For Protection and self defence

Conceal the gun carefully and never be shy to use them. Traditionally stun guns are more effective when used on the chest but you can use it whatever part of assailant you can reach. It will knock him out for some time, in which you can run away and also can call the police or help.

5. Using Tactical Pen For Protection

Probably the coolest thing for protection. No one ever really notices a pen hanging out-of-pocket. If you find yourself without anything but have a pen than use that for your protection. Its sharp pointing edge is all the advantage you need over the assailants. Stab him in the weak spots like face, near eyes, neck even a stab in arm or thigh will buy you enough time to run away.

Tactical Pen For Protection and self defense

The tactical pen has an advantage over the common day-to-day pen as they are durable and have a special cutting edge, in the end, made just for protection purpose. With a tactical pen, you also need to be careful at home. You can injure yourself accidentally.

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6. Car Keys For Protection

You have to carry your car keys with you. It’s not like you need something extra for protection. You also don’t need to conceal them. They will not be inflicting anything lethal so you won’t need to hold yourself back unlike other items used for protection.

Car Keys For Protection and self defense

Put as much force as you can behind your blow and you need the surprise here. Do not let the perpetrator guess that you are going to attack him. Just be weak, follow his instruction and then out of the blues hit him hard in face. Make sure that you hit him with the pointy end.

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7. Using Belt For Protection

A belt is an effective tool for protection. It stays well hidden and in the time of need, it is just at arm’s length. Wrap up one end of the belt in your fist and use the other end for hitting the opponent. Preferably with the buckle side. Belt provides a lot of reaches and if you are handy with it then does a lot of damage.

Using Belt For Protection and self defence

Leather will do the equally more damage if you hit the soft spots like face, tummy, back. It also has the advantage of no rebound injuries. When you hit someone with a belt, it comes back to you and if you are not prepared buckle might hit you the same.

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8. Using Cane/Umbrella For Protection and self defense

Umbrella or cane both are advised for protection on the same basic principle that they provide a lot of reach and though not intimidating at first, they sure do a lot of damage when used efficiently. Make sure you use a hard cane, not easy to break.

Using Cane Umbrella For Protection and self defense

Umbrella has its own advantage. It won’t look suspicious when you carry an umbrella with you. Plus it does all the same damage as a cane. Though choosing an umbrella which has some use in protection can be a tricky job. But once you have acquired a perfect umbrella, it will be hard beating it.

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9. Physically Prepare Yourself

No matter what weapon you are using, you will be rendered defenseless if you don’t have some basic defense tactics in your mind. If you can acquire some self-defense training, that will be the best. If not then I have a few things in mind before you go against assailants:

Physically Prepare Yourself for self defense

  • Your best defense is surprise, whatever weapon you are using take advantage of surprise. Look meek before you attack, he won’t know what hit him.
  • Take a defensive posture before the assailant. Guard your face and take a wide stance, it will make it difficult for assailant to knock you over.
  • If you are going to hit the assailant, make your move count and run for help. Choose weak spots like face(especially eyes) or groin. Hit with your head if you are standing too close to the opponent.
  • If possible avoid confrontation at all, better be alive and poor than a dead rich guy.

10. Take Advantage Of Your Surrounding

Take Advantage Of Your Surrounding

And finally, we have something which most people forget to look at, when faced with extreme situations. See what your surrounding is and try to take advantage of it.

See if shouting is going to help or not. If you have some weapon or tool then use it. If not see if something like a weapon is around you. Like a fire extinguisher, it is easy to find in most of the buildings and it deals a pretty heavy blow. If your assailant has gun, then look for a hiding place. You can’t beat a gun with a pepper spray. Even a simple stick or pin lying around may turn out to be quite helpful. So keep your eyes open and try to stay as calm as possible.

These were the best methods in my opinion to protect ourselves in time of need. But as I said none of these will be fruitful unless you have some practice or training with them. So train yourself, you never know when you might need it.

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