20+ Health & Skin Benefits Of Eating Apples

20+ Health & Skin Benefits Of Eating Apples

Apple made Adam and Eve wilder. Some religious people would say apple is the whole reason this mankind exists. Atheists will raise eyebrows on that.

However, I believe no one would think twice before eating apple. The reason is very simple. Apple is the most healthy fruit out there. With its red color, juicy flesh and plenty of micronutrients, apple has many of health and skin benefits.

Apple has so many variants – green apple, red apple, golden apple, granny smith, honey crisp, pink apple etc. Wondering how to choose? Well, I would definitely suggest the red one.

No matter which one you choose to eat, it is gonna benefit you tremendously. Most commonly seen apple worldwide is Malus pumila belonging to family rosaceae. 

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It is originally from central Asia but nowadays whole of the world, especially Europe and Asia, is cultivating them. This forbidden fruit is considered a summer fruit but is available as all season fruit. You can have an apple whenever you want, doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside or dried barren.

Nutritional Benefits Of Apple

Nutritional Benefits Of Apple

Apple can be eaten in so many ways. Mostly people prefer eating it alone – eating raw, it can be a part of salad, We can make apple juice or by further distilling, we can make alcoholic beverages from apples. Wow, so many benefits of Apple.

Nutritionally it is rich in carbs containing about 11 gm of sugar and 2.5 gm of fiber per 100 gm serving. It has 0.17 gm of fat and 0.26 gm of protein in a 100 gm serving providing about 52 Kcal in total. It has a fair amount of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin Bs and vitamin K. Apple contains 85% of water and all the essential minerals. In short it is a small diet, and one can survive on apple for a few days.

Health & Skin Benefits Of

Young And Smooth Skin

Young And Smooth Skin – Apple benefits for skinYoung And Smooth Skin – Apple benefits for skin

Like every other fruit, Apples also do have its fair share of antioxidants which naturally brightens up the skin by getting rid of all the toxic waste and free radicals. Apple’s skin which some of us are too eager to peel off is the one most rich in these antioxidant and thus, most beneficial in protecting the skin.

Apart from this, with elastin and collagen Apple helps to keep skin firmer and younger. Vitamin C helps getting rid of wrinkles and dark spots. Another benefit of Apple is protection from UV light. UV light is associated with skin damage and aging. With apple in hand you can go out, bathe in sun with no worry at all.

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Long Shiny Hair With Apple

Long Shiny Hairs With AppleLong Shiny Hairs With Apple

Troubled with hair loss? Have dry rough hair? Not have much color left in them? Well, apparently apple is the answer to all of these hair problems. Apple certainly brings out the best in hair.

People eating apple on daily basis have longer, smoother and shining hair. As I said researchers are working so hard but are yet to know why apple have this effect on hair.

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Healthy Gums And Teeth With Apple

Healthy Gums And Teeth With Apple – Health benefits of appleHealthy Gums And Teeth With Apple – Health benefits of apple

People eating apple daily would know how much healthier it is for your gums and teeth. Apple with its flesh and fiber gives your gum and teeth proper exercise they need. It makes them healthy and also promotes a healthy habit of chewing.

Apart from this apple juice during chewing cleans stain marks on your teeth making them whiter and shinier and we know that everybody loves a beautiful smile with shining teeth.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Another health benefit of apples. Keeping low sugar is important for not only a diabetic patient but also for a non diabetic. In non diabetics, high blood sugar causes high blood insulin levels which if stayed persistently high can cause insulin resistance and thereby type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Apple, having a low glycemic load i.e 6 per 120 g serving prevents any significant raise in blood sugar levels seen with other fruits. This prevents any risk of complication in diabetic patient and concern for non diabetic individuals.

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Lowers Blood Cholesterol

Apples have a tendency of meddling with every bad stuff in our body which turns out quite healthy for us. As we discussed above apple lowers blood sugar levels. Now this is one way by which apple is lowering blood cholesterol indirectly. As high sugar often gets converted to cholesterol and harms our body.

Another way by which apple lowers blood cholesterol is by hindering cholesterol absorption from the gut. Fiber content in apple binds to the other fat, cholesterol we eat in our daily diet and prevents their absorption in the blood stream.

Makes Your Heart Healthy

Apple Benefits For HeartApple Benefits For Heart

High blood cholesterol and diabetes are two most important risk factor for heart diseases after high blood pressure. As apple fights both these devils efficiently it also lowers the risk for heart diseases and heart attack.

Plaque seen in atherosclerosis, responsible for the thrombus and in near future, infarct in heart muscles, is also taken care of by apples. Potassium, a common mineral found in apple also helps in lowering blood pressure in a hypertensive patient and thus, the heart diseases.

Prevents Gallstones Occurrence

Gallbladder is an organ in our body, located under the lower free margin of liver. Its work is to store bile juice, which helps in absorption of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A,D,E and vitamin K. In the event of a high concentration of this bile juice, gall stone are formed which causes excruciating pain in upper abdomen and jaundice.

Apple is beneficial against these gallstones. How so?

Gallstones are formed when bile juice is more concentrated, to be precise more concentrated than 16:1 ratio. This ratio tells an amount of cholesterol present in bile juice, as per it, bile juice should be 1 part cholesterol mixed with 16 part rest of bile juice.

As cholesterol rises bile stones are formed. Now apple being a fiber rich fruit prevents cholesterol absorption which in turn prevents concentrating of bile juice. So yeah, Apple does prevents gallstones.

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Keeps Healthy Bowel

With its rich fiber content of about 2.5 g apple aids in digestion. It keeps a clean bowel and is often advised in constipation. Fibre in apple soaks up water in diet and cleanses the colon.

Apart from constipation apples are also helpful in irritable bowel conditions where patient may be present with diarrhea, constipation, flatulence and abdominal distress. Again because of its rich fiber content, apple keeps these symptoms at bay in IBS patients.

Lose Weight With Apple

Apple is extremely helpful in losing weight. Fruits are the first recommended diet when you are trying to lose weight. Apple with its micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and of course fiber is complete package.

Also with apple you won’t need to worry much about calories, as apple is not only energetic but also avoids unnecessary calorie consumption.

While fiber is preventing any more fat absorption, your routine exercises burns away the extra fat in your body and you start getting leaner and healthier. Apple makes you smarter and healthier. Within days you will start noticing the change in yourself and will never leave the sight of apple again.

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Makes Your Liver Healthier – Health benefit of Apple

Liver is the metabolic centre of our body. Everything we consume goes through liver first, where it undergoes first pass metabolism. All the toxic materials, free radicals are gotten rid of and then everything goes to our system. What is the role of apple in all this?

The thing is, although liver is doing all the heavy work, yet it does not have unlimited resources to get rid of every waste product or toxic material. Apple helps in providing these resources and keeping liver younger and active.

Apple Boosts Your Immunity

Apple Boosts Your Immunity

Apple works on so many levels to boost your immunity that you can’t even begin to understand but still there are a few thing I would like you to comprehend.

Antioxidants, especially quercetin is highly needed in our body to get rid of free radicals generated after macrophages eat up a pathogen. Similarly, natural killer cells, our first line defense against a pathogen also need this antioxidant.

Next in line is vitamins, every chain reaction in our body needs vitamin at some point as a catalyst, as an enzyme or as and participant making them essential for our body. Apple has loads of these vitamins, being the perfect fruit.

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Saves From Neurological diseases

Apple benefits for nervous system. One of the many benefits of apple is that it has been proven effective in the treatment of some neurological condition.

Some studies done in mice showed that apple helps to regenerate damaged nerve ending. This finding can certainly be helpful in old age disease in which degenerative changes are observed in the neurological system.

Of course, it will require a habitual daily intake of apple in some form, but considering the alternative it is rather a tasty treat for us. Apple boosts brain.

A few of these degenerative diseases in which apple might help are Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. People with family history of these diseases should definitely indulge themselves in a bite of apple daily.

Apple Against Cancer

We know that what cancer is and how much worse it can be. No need to indulge in stats, it is a fact that cancer has no treatment and sooner or later it relapses. The best way to go about cancer is to prevent it.

Every cancer has its own risk factor and thereby preventions but one thing is common in all of them. It is some form of DNA damage, this damage may result due to UV rays or actively damaging free radicals.

Apple is proven effective against these free radicals. Other than that apple has also been associated with decreased morbidity and increase likelihood of survival in diagnosed cancer patients. Cancers like pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancers have directly been associated with apple, patient with these cancer often benefit from apple consumption.

Apples Helpful In Common Cold

Common cold is quite common in today’s generation, especially to young children. Cold not only affects our health but also decrease our productivity in general. We have devised various home remedies to act against this common cold, cough, sneezes and apple juice is one of them.

Trick is to make the juice with its peel on. Photo pigment present in the Apple peel is extremely helpful in cough and cold. Even some researchers go as far as saying that apple juice effectively cures childhood asthma. But the fact is most of the childhood asthma disappears with age, though a little apple juice can’t hurt. However, apple is known to lower the risk for other lung conditions.

Apple For Skin Color

Apple For TanningApple For Tanning

Skin color or in better terms complexion is decided by melanin pigments found in our skin. This is the pigment which is responsible for sun tanning. By now you have realised that if it can cause tanning then it must be providing some protection against sun rays.

Fact is, Apples provide protection against UV rays. Practically 99% of harmful UV rays don’t even reach our skin because of this pigment. In this way, it also gives some protection against skin cancer. In fact darker skin people i.e. those with more melanin in their skin have far less risk of skin cancer than fairer people.

Now where does apple come in all this. Apple helps us retain this pigment in our skin which then help us get tan, protect us from sunlight, cancer, etc.

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Delays Premature Aging

No fruit is effective enough to prevent aging before time if you are putting stress your body can’t handle. Late night reading, working on your laptop or indulging in television might be a few causes which may make you look older than your age.

Dark circles under the eyes, sagging skin, wrinkles, extreme exhaustion are few of the symptoms you will see.

Apple with its rich antioxidant content takes the edge away. It relieves the skin of extra waste product and makes it look younger. Apple helps in anti-ageing.

Vitamin C on the other hand boosts the collagen formation in the skin and get rid of dark circle and wrinkles. In the end, your skin will look fresher, younger and smoother.

Preventing Anemia With Apple

Anemia is recognized medical condition and though it seems like a simple deficiency disorder, it can easily be a cause for heart failure. It’s important to keep your blood adequate. Anemia can be defined as low hemoglobin levels in blood. It had different implications like low RBC count, decreased oxygen delivery to body, early exhaustion, pallor on palpebral conjunctiva etc.

Among many causes of the anemia, Iron deficiency anemia is the commonest. Apart from the usual symptoms patient will have infection or irritation at angle of mouth(angular cheilitis), inflamed tongue(glossitis), anxiety, irritability, itching etc.

Apple being a good source of iron prevents all these symptoms in time and builds up iron store in the body for the future. Though I personally would recommend adding other source of iron to your diet as well.

Healthy Bones With Apple

Healthy Bones With AppleHealthy Bones With Apple

Apple is a rich source of calcium, one of the two most important element for bone health. In old age, especially in females, because of hormonal changes in body calcium uptake in the bone decreases making them prone to fracture. These fracture can happen even due to a small insignificant fall.

Such patient need extra calcium in their body to strengthen the bones. Apple being a rich source of calcium is often recommended by physicians along with other source of calcium like milk and dairy products.

Pain Relief With Apple Leaves

In older times, when medical science was not this much advanced, people used to rely on medicinal herbs. Apple leaves are one of these herbs. They are used for their effectiveness in subsiding pain.

Applied topically, these are quite helpful in non diseased conditions like sore muscles or pain following trauma. Take a few leaves, crush them in water, make a paste and apply on the affected region.

Apple For Healthy Eyes

Healthy eyes – Apple benefitsHealthy eyes – Apple benefits

Vitamin A deficiency is the most common deficiency seen in children. It is so much common that in some countries, it is supplemented as a part of immunization schedule in children. Vitamin A deficiency results in color blindness, night blindness and if not treated in time then permanent blindness.

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Apple has loads of vitamin A, which somewhat reduces the need of vitamin supplementation. For healthy eyes you should opt for an apple daily. It will keep away the vitamin A deficiency. Apple also benefits the eyes in adult people. Though reasons are unknown but apple seems to prevent cataract in old age.

These were 20+ health benefits of apple. So what do you think? Does an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

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