15+ Health & Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

15+ Health & Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

An increasing number of people are switching towards green tea. The huge benefits of green tea and its positive effects are attracting people towards it. Earlier people from China used to drink green tea but now people from all over the world are drinking it.

If you also drink green tea or thinking of trying it then you should know the numerous health and skin benefits of green tea for which it is admired. Sure, green tea is a little bitter in taste but for that you can add lemon or honey to make it taste better. Some people also add milk to improve its taste but adding milk lowers it positive effects so try avoiding it. Because we drink green tea for its benefits and not for the taste and its only a matter of time till you get used to its taste and after that you won’t need anything to improve its taste.

A lot of people ask us about the benefits of green tea so I decided to put all the benefits of green tea in the form of an article. I have listed over 15 proven health and skin benefits of green tea. Green tea not only improves our overall health but it also improves our brain, our skin complexion, hair texture and saves us from many deadly diseases.

15+ Proven Health and Skin Benefits of Green Tea

1. Green Tea helps in weight loss

Green tea is known for reducing weight. If you want to lose some weight then you should definitely drink green tea 2-3 times a day. Green tea is very effective in weight loss.

Green tea benefit in losing weightGreen tea benefit in losing weight

Green tea is a fat burner. It burns fat and improves body metabolism. This is a great health benefit of green tea and most of the people drink green tea to lose some weight and burn fat.

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2. Green Tea Improves Brain Function

Green tea makes us smarter. It improves mood and reaction time. Green tea contains amino acid L-theanine which increases the activity of neurotransmitter GABA and improves brain function. People have reported to be more active and productive when they drink green tea.

Green tea improves cognitive health and enhances our memory and focus. Study has shown that green tea increase connectivity in certain key areas of our brain.

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3. Green Tea Reverses Ageing

Green tea benefits for skin-anti ageingGreen tea benefits for skin-anti ageing

Green tea fights various signs of ageing. This magical drink is loaded with antioxidants that fights free radicals and protects our skin. It delays the occurrence of wrinkles, rashes and other signs of ageing. Green tea boosts new cell regeneration process in our body, boosts the skin collagen production. It tightens our muscles.

4. Green Tea Decreases Risk of Cancer

Green tea has a high amount of anti oxidants and so it can lower the risk of many types of cancer. Regular intake of green tea lowers the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. Studies have shown that those who drink green tea regularly have less risk of getting any type of cancer. A great benefit of green tea.

5. Glowing Skin

The high amount of anti oxidants and vital nutrients contained in green tea can help you get a glowing skin. It tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of pimples and marks. Regular intake of green tea gives a more clear skin.

Add lemon to green tea. It makes it even more beneficial. Lemon has high levels of vitamin C which gives a better texture to our skin and protects ous skin.

6. Protects Heart

Heart diseases are one of the biggest causes of death in the world. Green tea lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke. It burns bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. It improves the overall ratio of good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol.

Green tea widens the arteries, means lower risk of heart diseases. If we go by the figures, people who drink green tea regularly has 31% less chances of getting heart disease.

7. Green Tea protects teeth from decay

Green tea is good for our oral health. It is anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory. Green tea kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. It also maintains the pH level of our mouth.

Green tea protects gums from diseases. Since we have already talked about benefit of green tea in lowering the risk of cancer. Green tea also protects us from oral cancer.

Green tea reduces bad breath. It kills the bacteria and other micro-organisms responsible for causing bad smell in mouth.

8. Green Tea is anti-depressant

Green tea acts as a tranquilizer. It contains amino acid that provides a relaxing and tranquilizing effect on your brain. It reduces stress and depression.

9. Lowers risk of Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is deadly. It elevates the blood sugar level and makes our body unable to produce insulin. Drinking green tea lowers the risk of getting type II diabetes. It improves the insulin sensitivity in our body. In fact, studies have shown that green tea can reduce the sugar level in our blood.

10. Green Tea Controls Blood Pressure

Another benefit of drinking green tea is control in high blood pressure. If some one in your family has high blood pressure then you should suggest them green tea. It regulates our blood pressure and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

11. Get Shiny Hair with Green Tea

Green tea is also beneficial for your hair. Applying green tea solution topically on your hair will give you shiny hair. It protects your hair from environmental assault and damage. Green tea also keeps your hair conditioned. It also stimulates hair growth.

How to use Green tea to get shiny hair

  1. Dip 2-3 green tea bags in about 4 cups of hot water
  2. Leave it for about an hour
  3. Take out the green tea bags and let the solution cool
  4. Dampen hair and rinse them with this solution
  5. Leave it on for 10 minutes
  6. Wash your hair with shampoo

For effective results, use this home remedy to get shiny hair 2-3 times a week.

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12. Green Tea Bags can reduce puffy eyes

tea bags to reduce puffy eyes and dark circlestea bags to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles

Green tea bags can help in reduction of puffy eyes and dark circles. You can use used tea bags for this purpose. Put the green tea bags in freezer for 5 minutes, then take them out and put them over your eyes. Do this regularly and you shall see reduction in dark circles and puffy eyes.

13. Reduces Acne and Pimples

The anti bacterial agents and anti oxidants present in green tea are helpful in reducing acne and marks from our face. It cures the redness and inflammation brought by acne.

To treat your acne or pimples with green tea you need to brew 2-3 cups of green tea, soak a wash cloth in it and apply on your pimple affected area. Rinse with cold water. Do it 2-3 times daily for effective results.

14. Green Tea protects against Sun Damage

Green tea protects our skin from harmfull UV rays. You need to apply green tea solution topically over your sun damaged skin.

Make 2-3 cups of green tea and put it in the refrigerator for half and hour. Take a wash cloth and soak it in the green tea solution. Apply it on your sun burn areas. Do this 2-3 times a day for fast results.

15. Protects from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Green tea improves our brain function. In old people, it protects them from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It lowers the risk of dementia. Green tea has protective effects on our neurons. It also improves memory in old age.

16. Green Tea Strengthens Immunity

Green tea has a lot of anti-oxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols which boosts our immune system and makes it more capable to fight against diseases and microbes.

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