15+ Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Oranges You Should Know


Everyone loves oranges be it kids, young people or old people. People consume oranges raw or in the form of juice or in mix fruit salad. It is good in any way. Do you know this amazing fruit do not have only health benefits but a lot of beauty benefits too. Orange and orange peels are used in many beauty products. You can use oranges at home to solve skin related problems like marks, blemishes, acne etc.

We use a lot of chemical cosmetic products for our face and skin. These products are nothing but chemicals which will have side effects sooner or later. In our blog we always recommend using natural substitutes. Oranges can give you a fresh, glowing, clear and toned skin.

Health and Beauty benefits of oranges

Oranges are packed with vital nutrients like Vitamin C, folate, Vitamin B1, copper, potassium, calcium, pantothenic acid and fibers. We are going to reveal over 15 health and beauty benefits of oranges. Now you will have more reasons to love oranges.

15+ Beauty & Skin Benefits of Oranges

1. Oranges to shrink large pores

Oranges have tons of beauty benefits. If you are worried about visible pores on your face then orange can come to your rescue. Large pores are generally caused when we pop out blackheads or pimples. They are quite visible and unattractive. If you want to shrink your pores and minimize their appearance then you just need to massage your face with fresh orange juice for 3 minutes and wash off immediately. Do it daily or on alternative days and you will see reduction in the pores’ appearance. It will also give a fresh glow to your face.

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2. Orange boosts immunity

Oranges are packed with Vitamin C which is a water-soluble antioxidant. Antioxidants help our body to fight against free radicals which helps in preventing damage to the cells and tissues in our body. Oranges boosts our immunity power and our body can fight diseases more effectively.

3. Benefits or orange in reducing acne and pimples

Another great beauty benefit of oranges. Those who have acne prone skin can use oranges to reduce acne. Oranges are citric fruit and are anti bacterial in nature. Using orange peels mask on your face can help removing pimples.

orange peel to reduce acne and marks

How to use oranges peels to get rid of pimples and marks

  1. Take orange peels and grate it
  2. Put it in the blender and make a fine paste
  3. Apply the paste all over your face cover your acne and scars
  4. Leave the orange peels mask on for 15-20 minutes
  5. Wash away with lukewarm water

Use this home remedy regularly and see visible difference in the appearance of acne and scars. Not only oranges but the beauty benefits of orange peels are also amazing.

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4. DIY orange peel mask for natural bleach at home

Artificial bleaching products contain ammonia which is not good for our skin. Well, you can naturally bleach your skin at home. Another beauty benefit of orange peels.

orange peels mask

How to use orange peels to bleach skin at home

  1. Take handful of dried orange peels
  2. Grind them to make fine powder
  3. Now add some curd to make a thick paste
  4. Apply this paste on your face and neck
  5. Wash away after 20 minutes

Use this home remedy twice a week to brighten your complexion and naturally bleach your skin with orange peels.

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5. Orange decreases the risk of cancer

Since oranges are packed with antioxidants and it fights against free radicals oranges can save us from colon cancer. Free radials has potential of creating DNA mutations so in areas of body where cellular turnover is high like our stomach or intestine anti oxidants prevent free radicals from triggering DNA mutations hence it protects us from colon cancer. It is a great benefit of orange for body.

6. Oranges for eyes health

Eating oranges regularly also improves your vision and eye health. With age our eyes loosens its ability and thus oranges can help in strengthening eye muscles and vision.

7. Orange relieves from constipation

Since oranges are fibrous fruits it can improve our digestion and relieve us from constipation.

8. Use oranges for shiny hair

Benefits of oranges. Oranges are not only good for your face and skin but they are also good for your hair. Oranges can work as a conditioner to give you beautiful and shiny hair.

shiny hair with oranges

How to use oranges to get shiny hair

  1. Take a fresh orange and extract its juice
  2. Add equal amount of water to it and 1 tbsp of honey
  3. Mix it well and apply it to your hair after shampoo as a conditioner
  4. Leave it on for 5-7 minutes
  5. Wash off

After completing this process you will see beautiful and shiny hair.

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9. Oranges keeps away stomach ulcers

Since oranges are good source of fibers so eating oranges daily keeps your stomach and intestines healthy.

10. Oranges lowers Cholesterol and reduces risk of heart diseases

Oranges are packed with essential nutrients. It contains soluble fibers which reduces the level of cholesterol in our blood and thus prevents heart diseases.

11. Weight loss with oranges : Benefits of Oranges

Oranges are high in fiber and low in calories so eating an orange will make you feel full and thus will decrease your appetite.

12. Oranges for a sharp brain

As we said earlier, oranges have folate and folate or folic acid promotes brain development. It is specially helpful for kids and pregnant ladies as oranges will prevent neurological disorder in the baby. Benefit of oranges for pregnant ladies.

13. Oranges are beneficial in high blood pressure

14. Oranges prevent hair loss

Oranges are loaded with high amount of Vitamin C which promotes the collagen production in our body. It will help in strengthening the hair fibers and heal bald patches.

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15. Oranges for strong teeth and bones

Oranges have calcium and calcium strengthens our teeth and bones.

16. DIY Orange face mask for glowing skin

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