11 Side Effects of Green Tea You Should Know

Well, suddenly everyone has started drinking green tea. Even doctors have started recommending it. There are a lot of benefits of green tea. In fact, it has got so much hype as the magic drink which has solution to all your problems.

Honestly, green tea does have a lot to offer. It has just too many benefits. In fact, I dedicated a whole post counting the benefits of green tea. Green tea can help you lose weight, increase your memory and brain power, reverse ageing effects, add glow to skin, give shiny hair and save us from many diseases.

side effects of green tea

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People think that drinking a lot of green tea will make them healthier. After all, it’s all organic so it’s always good for your system. But that is not true, it’s a myth. A lot of anything is bad. In fact a lot of good thing can cause problems. Drinking too much of green tea or drinking it for too long can cause health problems and side effects that could last for lifetime. We have listed the side effects of green tea here, please read them carefully.

11 Side Effects of Drinking too much Green Tea

1. Stomach Problem

Green tea makes your stomach produce more acid and drinking too much acid means too much acid in the stomach. This might upset your stomach and cause you discomfort.

Specially, the people who already suffer from acid reflux are at higher risk. They might feel heartburn and irritation.

side effects of green tea for stomach

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2. Green tea can cause Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a medical condition which causes damage to optic nerve in the eye. It generally causes when pressure is buildup in eye. It generally happens in old age or some one can get it through inheritance.

Drinking green tea can increase pressure in eye for a few hours. Don’t be scared. You can still drink normal amount of green tea daily. Just the people who suffer from Glaucoma should avoid Green tea.

3. Iron deficiency

Green tea is not good for people who are suffering with anemia. Green tea will decrease your body’s ability to absorb iron from food thus worsening the situation. Lack of iron can lead to lack of haemoglobin and thus lack of red cells in blood.

Well, there is a solution to this problem. Do not drink green tea right before your meals or with your meals. Drink green tea in between meals. It will give your body some time to absorb iron from the food.

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4. Headache

Another side effect of green tea is mild to serious headache. There is little caffeine in green tea which is not quite that harmful for us but drinking a lot of green means a significant amount of caffeine which can develop headache with time.

side effect of green tea – headache

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5. Irregular heartbeat

I didn’t believe it at once because green tea is actually good for heart health and in decreasing bad cholesterol. But as i said earlier, even a good thing in high amounts is not as good. Too much of green tea can suddenly increase or decrease your heart rate.

6. If you are on medication then consult your doctor

Some medications are not compatible with green tea. They can react with green tea and worsen your condition. So, if you are on medication then ask your doctor if you can drink green tea with the medication or not.

side effects of green tea with medicines

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7. Convulsions

As already discusses, too much of green tea means too much of caffeine. Caffeine triggers our central nervous system. It can cause convulsions.

8. Risk during pregnancy

If a women is pregnant then I’d say avoid green tea or take it after discussing with your doctor. High consumption of green tea has high risk on pregnant women and can even suffer miscarriage. Do not drink more than 2 cups of green tea if you are pregnant.

9. Contact doctor before starting any new medicine

If you are habitual to green tea and now you are going to start taking some kind of medicine then check if you can still have your beloved green tea. Reason is simple, green tea might not be compatible with your medicines.

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10. Increased stress and anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety then green tea can increase it. Those who have anxiety disorders should not take green tea.

11. Excess sweetner

Green tea has off taste and is very low in calories but to improve its taste some people prefer to add honey or sugar to it. Drinking several cups of green tea can increase your calories and can gain you some weight. Specially, if you are drinking bottled green tea then it could be deceptively high in calories.

I hope my article on side effects of green tea helped you. Green tea is good for health if taken in safe limits. If green tea suits your medications and your medical condition keep the amount of green tea intake to less than 5 cups daily. If you face any problems then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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