Trick to Get Rid of Chapped Lips forever

Mind Blowing Trick to Get Rid of Chapped Lips forever

Chapped lips is a common problem in winters and in cold climate areas but some people deal with chapped lips problem in summers too. There are many reasons for chapped lips like lack of moisture, smoking, drinking, medical conditions etc.

You need to apply and reapply lip balm throughout the day to keep your lips moisturized but they still crack and sometimes bleed. You always think how to get rid of chapped lips forever? You have searched the internet and tried all the home remedies to get rid of chapped lips but nothing works. Even if some of the tricks work they are only temporary solutions and require regular application. So, is there any trick that can keep your lips moisturized and solve this chapped lips problem for ever?

Secret trick to get rid of chapped lipsSecret trick to get rid of chapped lips

Yes, there is I have found this mind blowing trick to get rid of chapped lips permanently. Once you start using this simple yet powerful home remedy you will get rid of chapped lips. I can bet you on that. This trick is most powerful because it really works and its inexpensive. So, ready to know about this most powerful trick to get rid of chapped lips? Okay, then.

Most Powerful trick to get rid of chapped lips permanently

I got this working trick to treat chapped lips from my grandma. This trick seemed so simple that I couldn’t believe it at first but then I gave this trick a try and I was very much surprised by the results. My grandma is a genius and she has given me a lot of powerful ancient tricks for beauty and fitness and they always work but this one was something I never expected. I couldn’t thank my lovely grandma enough for this trick.

I am going to share this wonderful trick to get rid of chapped lips permanently with my lovely readers.

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My Grandma’s secret trick to treat chapped lips for ever

As I said earlier, the trick is very simple. My grandma told me the following secret trick to get rid of chapped lips forever.

  1. Take a Q-tip and dip it in some mustard oil
  2. Apply the mustard oil using Q-tip to your navel hole
  3. Leave it overnight
  4. Get unchapped lips in the morning

That’s it. You just need to apply some mustard oil in the navel before going to sleep. Include it in your night skin care schedule and you will find fresh unchapped lips in the morning daily. Trust me it works like magic. After using it regularly for a week or so you can skin doing it daily and use it in alternative nights. Though the trick is completely painless and effortless.

We all apply night cream, eye cream, moisturizer before going to bed. Just add this mustard oil to navel trick fo your night skin care routine. If  you do not have mustard oil then you can use coconut oil. I have even used petroleum jelly too when I do not have either of the oils but mustard oil is more powerful in getting rid of chapped lips instantly.

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I really don’t know how this trick works neither does my grandma knows. She has got these secret beauty tips & tricks from her grandma, I guess. But this trick works and that’s all that matters. This home remedy to get rid of chapped lips works better than any other home remedy for chapped lips you might have read of heard.

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