How to Get Rid of Bruises At Home – 10 Powerful Ways

How to Get Rid of Bruises At Home – 10 Powerful Ways

How to get rid of bruises? It’s a question asked by many of our readers. Sure, bruises are unattractive and specially if you have bruises on your face. There could be many possible reasons for bruises but most of the people get bruises from accidents or when they hit something or some other kind of trauma.

You can get some medical treatment but if you want to get rid of bruises with home remedies then here we are at for your help. Please understand that nothing can remove the bruises instantly. You need to give it some time and be patient.

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how to get rid of bruiseshow to get rid of bruises

Just after an incident which you think might cause a bruise you need to give ice compress to that affected area. Ice compress would decrease the swelling and will make sure that the damage does not spread. All you need to do is take out some ice cubes from freezer, put them in a towel and press it against the affected region gently. This is the first step right after the incident. Repeat it every hour for the first 24 hours. Do not press the ice directly, always wrap it in a cloth. If you have already got a bruise then here are some home remedies to get rid of bruises.

Lets find out how to get rid of bruises with home remedies.

How to Get Rid of Bruises with Home Remedies

1. Instant Fix using makeup

If you want an instant fix to hide bruises then you can use a concealer it can hide your bruises totally or partially depending on the bruise. The makeup process is explained in this video.

2. Apple cider vinegar to get rid of bruises

Apple cider vinegar is a good natural exfoliator and it can help in the appearance and removal of bruises from any part of body. Be careful when using it near eyes.

How to get rid of bruises using apple cider vinegar

  1. Take some apple cider vinegar and mix it with some lukewarm water
  2. Take a clean cloth and dip it in apple cider vinegar
  3. Gently rub the cloth on bruises
  4. Leave it on for about half and hour
  5. Wash away

Vinegar increases blood flow to the area which will help easy recovery of the damaged skin.

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3. Vitamin C rich Foods to get rid of bruises

Vitamin C rich foods are effective in fast healing of bruises. They are anti bacterial and reduces inflammation which helps in removing bruises faster. Eat fruits like oranges, mangoes, peppers, lemons, sweet potatoes etc to heal the bruises faster.

4. Lemon to Get rid of Bruises

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. You might find this treatment a little painful but it is very effective in treating bruises.

lemon to get rid of bruise

How to use lemon to get rid of bruises

  1. Take a lemon and squeeze out its juice
  2. Add a pinch of turmeric to it and mix it
  3. Gently massage your bruises with this mixture for about 5 minutes
  4. Wash away with tap water.

Use this home remedy to get rid of bruise once daily and the bruise will soon disappear.

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5. Witch hazel to get rid of bruises

Witch hazel is a magic herb not only for removing bruises but also in burns, sprains. Witch hazel stimulates body’s lympathetic process to take the bruise away. This home remedy ensures faster healing of the bruise.

lemon to get rid of bruiseHow to use witch hazel to get rid of bruises fast

  1. Get some witch hazel lotion or tincture
  2. Take a cotton ball and soak it in the witch hazel lotion
  3. Gently rub this soaked cotton ball over the bruise and hold there for a few minutes

Use this home remedy to heal bruises 3 times a day for faster results.

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6. Eat pineapple to heal bruises

Pineapple contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme is helpful in breaking down the protein trapped in the tissue after an injury. So, eating pine-apple would help you in faster removal of bruises. Eat 300-500g of pineapple daily to get rid of bruises.

7. Parsley to get rid of bruises

Parsley is another effective herb in removing bruises. It can decrease the inflammation and decrease the appearance of bruises faster. Parsley has Vitamin K and Vitamin C which help in faster recovery.

parsley to get rid of bruisesparsley to get rid of bruises

How to use parsley to get rid of bruises faster

  1. Take a handful of parsley leaves
  2. Grind them with water to make paste
  3. Apply this paste over the bruise
  4. Secure the area with elastic bandage

Use this home remedy two times daily to make the bruise fade away soon.

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8. Arnica to heal bruises

Arnica is a herb whose application to the wounded area improves the movement of white blood cells for faster recovery. White blood cells are capable of removing all the damaged cells and replace them with new ones. Arnica can be used to get rid of bruises fast.

arnica cream to heal bruisesarnica cream to heal bruises

How to use Arnica to get rid of bruises

  1. Arnica gel is available in medical stores
  2. Get arnica gel and apply it on the bruises
  3. Rub the gel over bruises twice a day

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9. Sugar syrup to treat bruises

Hot sugar syrups can also help in getting rid of bruises. Hot treatment works for faster recovery.

Take hot sugar syrup(not too hot, tolerable temperature) and apply it over the bruised area. Secure it with elastic bandage. Let the sugar dry for some time and then remove. Use this home remedy to get rid of bruises daily.

10. Turmeric to lighten the bruises

Turmeric is a natural skin lightner and anti bacterial in nature. We can use turmeric combined with some tamarind to get rid of bruises.

turmeric to get rid of bruisesHow to use turmeric to get rid of bruises fast

  1. Take some tamarind, make a thick paste
  2. Add a pinch of turmeric to it
  3. Mix it well and apply the mixture over your bruises
  4. Cover the area with elastic bandage

Use this home remedy regularly for faster healing of bruises.

Hope this article on how to get rid of bruises at home helped you. Use these home remedies to heal small bruises but if the damage is more then visit a doctor.

Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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