How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional – Step by Step

How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional – Step by Step

We all are beautiful, its true but makeup can give us the look that we always wanted.  If you know how to apply makeup like a professional correctly then you can hide all your flaws and highlight all your features beautifully and look your best.

We all know how to do basic makeup but how to apply makeup like a professional? Like the celebs do?

We get inspired by our favorite celebs and want to learn how to apply that perfect makeup like the pros. We are going to tell you all those professional makeup tips and tricks. You won’t master them instantly but with practice you can achieve it all. You can use these makeup tricks at a family function or college party, on a date, or at weddings and everyone would then want to talk to you and want to know how your skin looks so perfect and what is the secret behind such beautiful eyes.

how to apply makeup like pros

We have already covered an eye makeup tutorial on our blog.  Click here to learn – How to apply eye makeup like Celebs

Today we will be learning how to apply makeup like professional with pictures and videos. Here is a full tutorial.

How to Apply Makeup Like pros with step by step

Before we get started, here are a few things you need to remember. Try to apply only brand quality makeup products. It will help you in the long run to keep healthy skin. Always remove makeup before going to bed and remove makeup remover for removing your makeup. You can also you petrolleum jelly if makeup remover is not available.

Step 1 : Cleanse the face before applying the makeup

Yes, clean the face. It is very important to have a clean face when you are trying to apply makeup like a pro. If you have puffy eyes then this tutorial on how to get rid of puffy eyes/swollen eyeswould help.

You should also exfoliate your lips to get them fuller and shiny. There is not trick in exfoliation of your lips. Just use a soft toothbrush and rub it over your lips in a circular motion. Be gentle. This should remove the dead skin over the lips making them more fresh and ready for makeup.

Step 2 :  Apply Primer and Foundation

You can mix some primer and foundation and apply that mixture on your face and neck evenly. Make sure you apply it evenly. Want to learn how to apply foundation like pros? Here we go.

How to apply perfect foundation like pros

Step 3 : Cover up the flaws to apply professional level makeup

Once you are done with the foundation, the next step is to cover up all the scars, marks and dark circle( if you have them). You need to use a good quality concealer to make your skin appear flawless. This is an important step if you want to learn how to apply makeup like professionals and models.

How to apply concealer like professionals to hide all your flaws

Step 4 : Countouring and Highlighting

Shaping up your face is an important part in how to apply makeup like professionals. They contour the face and highlight features that make the face look more attractive. When you are trying to learn how to apply makeup like celebs then you must learn the right way to contour and highlight.

How to contour and highlight your face like professionals and models

Step 5 : Apply blush to apply makeup like pros

The next step after contouring is to apply blush correctly. You need to learn to apply blush according to your face type.

Step 6 : Eye makeup to apply makeup like professionals

Eye makeup is an important part of your overall makeup. Want those dramatic eye makeup that your favorite celebs carry all the time? Well, you are going to learn the tricks of professional eye makeup very soon.

Professional eye makeup consists of four parts : Eye Shadow, Eye liner, Mascara and Eye brows. We will learn to master them one by one and then you can get that smokey eye makeup that grabs everyone’s attention.

How to apply Eye shadow like a pro

How to apply Eye Liner like a pro

How to apply Mascara like a pro

How to Shape and Groom Perfect Eye bros like pros

Step 7 : Finally, The lips

You do not need me to tell you how important that lipstick is to complete your makeup.  Learn how to do the lip makeup like pros. For the basics, Line your lips and fill the color. Here is a video that demonstrates just how to apply lip makeup like pros to complete your overall model like makeup.

How to do Lip Makeup like pros

So, ladies hope you liked our article on how to do makeup like professionals and models.  Do remember that you won’t do everything perfect in just one stroke. Practice it and one day you will become a professional at makeup yourself.

If you want to share your views or want to add something to the article then please let us know by comments.

Stay Beautiful!

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