Special About Blueberries

Top 10 Benefits of Blueberries For Health & Skin

Blueberries are blue colored berries. I know, not an intelligent guess, that’s probably because I have not been eating enough blueberries. After doing a thorough research on all over the internet I have come to a conclusion that blueberries indeed are the healthiest fruit available.

These little guys are so much packed with essential minerals that I personally think that blueberries should be declared an actual pharmaceutical supplement. I mean come on what else is this much healthy?

Top 10 Benefits of Blueberries For Health & Skin

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You would realize it by the end of this article that I am not boasting any of this. It’s not like blueberries are paying me off to promote them. I know every fruit out there helps us in some way or another but blueberries help us maximum. There are huge number of benefits of blueberries that you must know.

What’s So Special About Blueberries?


Like every other fruit, blueberries contain antioxidants, it contains loads of it. Blueberries are stuffed with anthocyanin and polyphenols like flavonoids, blueberries bring a sweet flavour to mouth when tasted.

These berries contain a rich amount of fibers, minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium etc. and there is not a single vitamin which is absent in blueberries. It is practically a multivitamin capsule.

Special About Blueberries

Apart from all these nutrients, blueberries have a significantly low glycemic load which of course helps in reducing diabetes risk. Blueberries are 85% water which comes handy in certain health aspects.

One thing you need to take care of while eating blueberries is that though it contains all micronutrients, it has very little protein. You will need to add some protein in your diet, you can not survive solely on blueberries.

Benefits of Blueberries that you Need to know

1. Protection Against Cancer By Blueberries

Approximately 1,685,200 people get diagnosed with cancer annually, among which 5,95,600 people fail to survive by the end of year. Cancer is currently hyped issue in the community and everyone is looking for a cure, but the problem is, there is no cure. There are survival rates, survival time, relapses but cancer is the worst killer, even the treatment for cancer is disabling.

Amidst this where does blueberry, a fruit can help? First, let’s learn in brief what is cancer. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of malignant cells owing to some sort of DNA damage either due to UVA light, genetics or toxic free radicals.

Blueberries being a rich source of antioxidants fights these free radicals and prevents DNA damage. In scenarios where DNA damage is due to UVA or genetics, our body tries to repair the DNA but fails to do so because of unstable free radicals, so blueberries also help there.

Every other fruit does its part in combating cancer but being the richest source of antioxidant, blueberries are most helpful.

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2. Forever Youthful Skin – Benefits of Blueberries

Ladies, here is something you will like. With its vitamin C, vitamin E, anthocyanin and a whole lot of other antioxidants blueberries is the perfect recipe for a beautiful glowing skin.

While antioxidants are quite helpful in taking care of those troublesome acne, clogged pores. Vitamin C and vitamin E naturally lightens the skin.

Youthful Skin – benefits of blueberries

Vitamin C being a natural exfoliating agent takes care of dark spots, burn marks, old acne marks while vitamin E prevents side effect, if any, presenting due to use of ascorbic acid rich diet. Vitamin E along with vitamin C is also a good free radical scavenger. Both of these together prevent any oxidative damage to the skin.

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3. No More Aging – Benefits of Blueberries

While there is no such thing as fountain of youth, blueberries certainly makes a strong attempt to bring its essence. Aging largely depends on DNA damage.

In fact, to be precise aging is associated with shortening of telomere tail in DNA. Telomeres are repetitive sequence in DNA which normally do not code for anything but their shortening causes aging. Now as we discussed above, blueberries with its extremely rich content of antioxidants prevents free radical damage to DNA. This, in a way delays the eventual aging in general.

No More Aging ! Blueberries benefits

Blueberries also have one more approach against aging. As we get older our skin starts loosening up, sagging – giving rise to wrinkles. These wrinkles make us look older than we actually are. Vitamin C in blueberries is essential for collagen formation in our body.

Collagen is the connective tissue which makes our skin firm and smoother. In absence of collagen, wrinkles are more apparent and more frequent but vitamin c wards them off by helping collagen synthesis and making our skin younger looking.

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4. Get Slimmer – Weight Loss benefits of Blueberries

Another great benefit of blueberries. Every fruit is helpful in losing weight. Blueberry is no different. Being nutrient rich, a daily serving prevents nutritional deficiency commonly seen in people trying to lose weight. Blueberries practically have no calories and no carbs which makes it perfect to be included in weight losing diet.

A common advice often given to people trying to lose weight is to drink as much water as they can. Our blueberry here is extensively rich in water, containing about 85% of it.

Weight Loss benefits of Blueberries

Other advice is taking small frequent meals, now what can be smaller than a blueberry. Whenever you feel hunger pains, taste a delicious blueberry. Not only it will satisfy your hunger, it also will not affect your calorie chart.

5. Improving Brain Function By Blueberries

With age brain starts getting slower, forgetting things, unable to keep up. While blueberries certainly have anti-aging effects due to its antioxidant rich nature, it is a little controversial if it improves brain function or not. It is associated with memory, cognitive function and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer.

Certain researches have shown blueberries delay the memory loss, on top of that it has shown capability to reverse the memory loss.

Improving Brain Function By Blueberries

Alzheimer patients suffering from memory loss have certainly shown improvement in early stages of the disease when memory loss starts settling in. Blueberries also improves cognitive and motor function in old age patients. Cognitive function is understanding and comprehending the individual thoughts and actions.

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6. Blueberries Against Diabetes – Benefits of blueberries

Blueberries as we know have low glycemic load, about 5 per 100 gm which compared to other fruits, like banana, date or figs,  is gold. Low glycemic load means how much blood sugar will rise after having a serving of 100 gm of blueberries. Glycemic load of more than 20 is considered high while less than 10 is low. It has implication in a diabetic or non diabetic individual.

In a diabetic individual, consistent high blood sugar levels will require more dose of insulin, thus worsening the situation and causing diabetic complications. These individuals if consumes blueberries than blood sugar is less likely to rise high enough to warrant any concern.

Blueberries Against Diabetes – Benefits of blueberries

In non-diabetic individuals, a consumption of high glycemic load food will not only increase the risk of obesity but will also increase blood sugar levels and insulin levels for a longer period of time. This sustained high blood sugar and insulin levels increases the risk of insulin resistance and thereby type 2 diabetes mellitus. If these individual ate blueberries in between meals instead of high glycemic load food, it will definitely benefit them.

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7. Heart Healthy Blueberries

Heart diseases nowadays are going through roofs. They are the leading cause of death, causing so much morbidity and presenting heart attack as the commonest emergency these days. It is essential to keep your heart young and healthy and blueberry is one way to do so.

Blueberries counters hypertension, high blood cholesterol and it is highly effective against high blood sugar levels. All of these three are major risk factors for heart diseases.

Heart Healthy Blueberries

Blueberries also prevent and control obesity, also a risk factor for heart disease. By acting against these major risk factors, blueberries prevent major heart event. These blueberries also keep your heart young by utilizing anthocyanins antioxidant nature.

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8. Healthy Digestive Tract Due To Blueberries

As one celebrated tv serial said “A clean colon is one less thing to worry about”, it is important to keep our digestion healthy. In all time working lifestyle one cannot simply afford to have digestive problems. You can’t just skip a meeting and tell your boss that you are having “that problem”.

Blueberries help to clear digestive tract because of the rich amount of fibers it contains. Fibers also increase satiety and thirst, both of which are very helpful when you want to avoid flatulent embarrassment and frequent visits to the washroom.

Healthy Digestive Tract Due To Blueberries

Keep blueberries at hand when you are in such situations and when you are quite healthy, try taking a spoonful of blueberries in your breakfast. One of the many great benefits of blueberries.

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9. No More UTIs ! – Blueberries benefits

UTIs is short for urinary tract infections, quite common in females due to their predisposing anatomy. UTI in generally present with fever with chills, burning micturition, difficulty micturition etc. Burning micturition is the most common symptom and is defined as a burning sensation in the urinary tract while peeing.

No More UTIs ! – Blueberries benefits

Cranberry juice is known to help UTI patients, being its cousin blueberries also help UTI patients. Though no research has so far ascertained the reason for blueberry’s effective nature in UTI, my bet is it’s because of its rich water content.

UTI patients are often advised to drink up loads of water to clean up the infection while urination and incidentally blueberries also have about 85% water. We can’t be sure why, but we know for sure that blueberries help in urinary tract infection.

10. Strong Healthy Muscles and Bones – Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries contain moderate amount of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese etc. All of these, especially calcium helps build up bony structure of our body.

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Calcium deficiency in body is known to cause osteoporosis, osteopenia in old age patients. Intake of one serving of blueberries amounting to 100 g is more than enough to suffice our daily calcium need and also other minerals. Calcium and other minerals in blueberries also help in relieving sore muscles following strenuous exercise. Inference? Blueberries make us stronger.

Apart from these blueberries have so many more benefits of blueberries observed on smaller scale studies, like lowering blood pressure, decreasing risk for glaucoma, reducing intraocular pressure – list goes on, but the fact remains that blueberry is the must have fruit in your diet chart.

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