25+ Most Effective Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

There are all kinds of skins in the world and each one comes with some benefits and some problems but trust me no matter what your skin type is, you are beautiful.

People with oily skin face problems like acne, unattractive shine, enlarge pores, excess oil on the surface etc. But do you know that oily skin ages slowly. Dry skin tends to get wrinkles and rashes earlier than oily skin. Oily skin is more flexible so wrinkles and other signs of ageing affects much later.

beauty tips for oily skin

If you want to get rid of oily skin then this is the article you should definitely visit : How to get rid of oily skin naturally but if you want to keep your skin as it is then let us know some beauty tips and tricks for oily skin. These beauty tips will not only help you look more beautiful but will also make you love your skin. We will be discussing some facial masks that you should try if you have oily skin and some beauty tips for oily skin that will make your face glow.

25+ Powerful Beauty Tips for Oily skin

1. Facial Cleansing for oily skin

If you have oily skin then cleanse your skin at least twice a day. This will help you control excess of oil. Use a “noncomedogenic” facial cleanser. This is important because oily skin tends to secrete more oil and this excess oil might also attract more dust and germs that might clog your pores and giving way to acne and pimples.

So, by washing your face and neck with a good cleanser suitable for oily skin you are not only removing the excess oil but also avoiding acne and pimples that make your face unattractive. However, do not wash too many times. If you make your skin too dry then it will only promote your sebaceous glands to produce more oils. 2-3 times a day is enough.

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2. Twice a week Facial Mask – Oily skin beauty tips

Facial masks are very helpful for oily skin. They remove excess oils, dead cells, dirt and other impurities. You can use natural facial mask made up of clay or sandalwood. Clay and sandalwood masks are best for oily skin.

Take 2 tbsp of clay in a bowl, add enough rose-water to make a paste. You can also add few drops of lemon. Apply the mask on your face and wash off with lukewarm water after 20-25 minutes. Do this twice a week and you will see your oil production is within lower limits.

3. A glass of lukewarm lemon water daily

It’s a miracle drink for you. You won’t realize its benefits unless you try it yourself. Lemon water will not only keep your oil in control but will give you a clear skin.

If you do not believe me, do this continuously for a month. Well, you have nothing to lose here. Lemon water is not going to harm you or leave side effects in any way. Make it your morning routine. Drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water in the morning for at least a month and you will see impressive change in your skin tone. It will become more clear and that is because lemon is packed with Vitamin C and anti oxidants that keeps our body clear inside out and makes our skin more radiant.

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4. Ice Cube Massage before applying makeup

You applied makeup, went to office and only after 2-3 hours your skin became oily again, happened with you ever? I know it’s a common problem. So, how do you control your face oil for longer duration or keep the makeup as it is for longer time, at least up to 5-6 hours.

Well, we have the solution. Before applying makeup, massage your face with Ice cubes for about 5 minutes. Then your makeup will last for longer time. The procedure is simple, take some ice cubes, wrap them in a towel and press it against your skin. Do this for 5 minutes. It shrinks the pores, reducing the greasy shine and makes them secrete very less oil.

Ice cube massage has other skin benefits too. It also helps in getting tighter skin.

5. Use Peel off masks once a week for oily skin

Peel of masks are very effective in removing dirt, dead cells, excess oils from within the pores. Use peel off masks atleast once a week to clear your skin from inside.

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6. Decrease your sugar and oil intake

Have a sweet tooth? Well, I know it hurts a lot but sugar is doing no good to your skin, it’s harming you. Everyone should decrease their sugar intake but if you have oily skin you better decrease your sugar intake as much as you can.

Same goes for oil and fat. Eat only healthy oil and decrease its intake too. Switch to olive oil if you can, its more healthy.

7. Use alcohol free toner to tone your oily skin

8. Keep your self hydrated – beauty tips for oily skin

Your oil levels are more balanced if your body is hydrated. If your body is dehydrated then your glands will produce more oils to protect your skin from drying out. Drink more water, juices, green tea. Cut down on alcohol.

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9. Regular exfoliation is important for oily skin

Only through regular exfoliation you can get rid of oily skin problems like breakouts, acne, blemishes etc. Use a scrub made for oily skin 2-3 times a week.

10. Wear sunscreen

Sun damages your skin. It makes it produce more oil. If you have to go out under sun then you better wear a sun screen protection of spf 30+.

11. Always use water based and matte makeup products – oily skin beauty tips

Oil based makeup products will add unwanted shine to your face. Use water based makeup products.

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12. More concealer, less foundation for oily skin

Foundations contain more oil than concealer so apply foundation only if it is must otherwise you can do well with the concealer only.

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13. Always use a primer

If you have oily skin then always use primer before applying makeup. It will help put your makeup for longer time.

14. Keep your hands and hair off your face

Hands can transfer germs and dirt to your face which will clog the pores and produce acne so, keep your hands off your face.

Just do it.

15. Keep blotting papers to remove excess oil – beauty tip for oily skin

To remove excess oil buildup from your face, keep blotting papers with you. Do not over use your face powder unless it is a must. Too much use of powder might clog the pores leading to acne. Better use blotting papers. They can absorb excess oils in a better way.

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16. Less is more, Remember

When it comes to makeup on oily skin, always less is more. Try to do complete your makeup in minimum number of layers and choose your makeup products intelligently.

For example, instead of applying a sunscreen and then a foundation, use a foundation that comes with sunscreen so you get two in one.

17. Use clean bath towels, pads and pillow covers to avoid acne and pimples on oily skin

18. Use matte blush on oily skin

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19. Stress management

Manage your stress, more stress would lead to more oil production because stress triggers androgen hormones to produce more oil.

20. Take full sleep, lack of sleep would worsen the condition

21. What to eat and what to avoid

What you put inside your body is what it shows outside. So, in order to manage oil and look beautiful you need to make some healthy changes to your diet.

You need to avoid over fried and fatty foods, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks and processed foods.

Increase intake of vegetables, fruits and nuts.

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22. Take steam at least once a week

Taking steam on your face opens the pores and drains out all the impurities and excess oils. It will help avoid acne.

steam to control excess oil – for oily skin

23. Avoid Heavy and damp makeup on your skin

24. Do not use harsh soaps and scrubs

25. Remove makeup before going to bed

Never sleep with your makeup on. No matter how much tired you are. Always remove your makeup before going to bed.

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26. Night treatment of oily skin

Use a good night cream or moisturizer to recover your skin from day damage. Night creams works through night to better your skin.

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